Welcome to Franciacorta

You are in one of the most ancient wine regions in Europe. The paths that wind up the hillsides are the same that were walked by Roman and Lombard winemakers, and archaeology has revealed the fascinating traces of their passage.

Thanks to its history and the composition of its soils, the richness of the Franciacorta wine culture is comparable only with that of the finest terroirs.


The geographical area

Made up of twenty municipalities over an area of ​​only 200 square kilometres, Franciacorta is a Lombard territory in the province of Brescia, bordered to the north by Lake Iseo. The gentle moraine hill landscape is characterised by a microclimate which has made it an exceptionally suitable terroir for the production of grapes and wine for centuries. Thanks to the appreciation garnered by the local D.O.C.G. sparkling wines and from Curtefranca Rosso D.O.C., Franciacorta is now an internationally recognised name.

In Franciacorta, the moraine hills — that is, hills that were created by the advancement of glaciers in prehistoric times — are particularly rich in added minerals, different from those already present in the local soil. Six different terroirs have been identified, which testify to the heterogeneity and richness of Franciacorta, with different soils in terms of texture, fertility, and drainage capacity.

This combination establishes exceptionally favourable
conditions for the growth of grape vine.

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